Storm Monitoring

Culture and Strength

As one of the largest self-performing snow and ice management companies in the region, SMI has the culture and strength to gear up and respond quickly even during the most challenging storms. Through our partnership with the meteorologists at WeatherWorks, we carefully track and monitor potential storms whenever there is a possibility of bad weather.

Ahead of potential bad weather, storm alerts can be sent to keep you informed. Tracking of a storm starts 24-48 hours prior to the onset. Each alert provides details on the anticipated arrival, intensity, duration, temperature, accumulations, and any other critical hazards that may affect your site’s operations. As conditions become imminent, a second alert is issued with additional updates throughout the course of the storm.

Monitoring winter weather ensures we get our crews to your location quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, after the storm is over, you will receive a copy of the area’s certified snowfall total, providing peace of mind and transparency.