Trained & Certified Professionals

Our dedicated team includes Certified Snow Professionals (CSP) and Advanced Snow Managers (ASM) certified through the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA). At SMI, we are always thinking snow. Backed by industry leading safety programs, our well-trained team delivers swift and dependable results while operating conscientiously, with an eye for reducing your risk and protecting your property.

What is a Certified Snow Professional?

The Certified Snow Professional (CSP) certification is the recognized standard for professionalism and excellence in snow and ice management industry. The certification is focused on the critical elements of running a top-shelf snow and ice management business and requires annual continuing education to maintain good standing. Through the program, successful candidates gain the most trusted and valued designation in the industry and join a select group of experienced industry leaders who are committed to moving the industry forward.

What is an Advanced Snow Manager?

The Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) certification through SIMA provides comprehensive training developed with snow professionals from across the US and Canada, in alignment with professional training best practices. The certificate courses include Core Principles, Plowing Operations, Sidewalk Operations, and Ice Management. Only individuals who earn all four certificates receive the Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) designation.

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